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Follow the links on our site and download the Flixz App for your Android or iOS device. Open the Flixz App and start creating a Flixz Card. Browse our selection of Flixz videos and choose one to be included in your new card. Choose from all the free Flixz videos or add a subscription to choose from the entire collection.

Customize your Flixz card with a message

Compose a personal message to be included with your Flixz card and viewed after your chosen Flixz video.

Create your Flixz Card

Your Flixz Card is automatically created in the cloud and the App provides a preview of your Flixz card. You may know preview the video or send it onward to its destination

Send your Flixz card instantaneously

A Flixz Card is created in the Cloud with a link that you can share via SMS, E-mail or any other App provided by your the share function on your device (WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.. etc..). With the link, a Flixz card can be viewed on any device with a web browser.

Manage Your Flixz Cards

Flixz Cards are automatically removed from the cloud after a period of 30 days but you can likewise manage your Flixz Cards in the App. View, Send again, or delete Flixz Cards from the App.