How does subscription work?

iPhone Users: Premium Flixz is available as a non-renewing 1 year In-App purchase. After the 1 year period ends, you will need to re-purchase the In-App product again to use Premium Flixz Videos. Purchased are backed up on your device and to iCloud. We highly recommend signing into iCloud to backup your purchase and synchronize to to other devices on using the same iTunes Account.

Android Users: Premium Flixz is available as auto-renewing one year In-App purchase. After a one year period you will automatically renewed for another year. Cancel your subscription at any point in the term year and continue to use Premium Flixz Videos for the remainder of term and you will not be re-charged.

Resolving subscription issues on iPhone

If you believe that you are subscribed and the Flixz App indicates you aren’t, please verify that you’re subscription hasn’t expired. The subscription does not automatically renew. You can verify this directly through the App Store.

If you believe that you are within your subscription period still please verify that you are signed into iCloud. Sign-in to iCloud through the device settings and re-open the Flixz App. While signed into iCloud with the App open, it will synchronize your purchase across devices.

Resolving Subscription Issues Android

If you have purchased the In-App premium subscription on Android and the Flixz App indicates you are not subscribed it is likely you are not signed into the Play Store App with your account. Open the Play Store App and proceed to login to resolve the issue.

The Flixz App does not work

There can be a few different reasons why the app doesn’t work. Please try to solve the issue by doing as below:

* Try to close the App and re-start it.

* Check if you have the latest updated version. Please go to the App store or Google play and see if you have the      latest version of the App.

* Delete the App and re-install it. Don’t worry if you have paid for the premium version, Appstore and Google          play remembers this.

How is a Flixz Card sent the recipient?

Once you choose a Flixz video for your Flixz card and customize it with a message, a page is created in the Cloud with a link that you can share via SMS, E-mail or virtually any messaging service. With the link, a Flixz card can be viewed on practically any device with a web browser.

Will the person I send to know it is me?

Yes he/she will since you send the link to them by E-mail, SMS or other messaging service. Furthermore they will read your personalized message at the end of  the Flixz.

The link will look something like this: http://se.flixz.mobi/jhTc9oVa.html. If you wish to personalize the message you send with the link this is possible as long as you don’t edit the link.

If I subscribe on my phone will it work on my other devices?

Yes, if you are signed in on the account you purchased the subscription through. App Store or Google Play.

How long does a Flixz Card stay alive?

The link you send will be active 30 days. After this is expires and can’t be used.