Greeting Cards App for iPhone and Android

Flixz is a greetings card App for iPhone and Android. Create your own Flixz Card with artistic animations for any occasion. Try free today from the the App and Play Store!

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Step One

Choose a Flixz video

Select a Flixz video for your Flixz Card from our collection of animated greetings video.

Step Two

Write a message

Write a personal message that is shown on your Flixz card after the video is played.

Step Three

Send your Flixz Card

Send your Flixz Card to someone using SMS, Email, or any other messaging service available on your device.

Flixz Video Categories


Choose a category for the occasion

Birthday, Wedding, Valentine’s Day

New Years, Christmas, Bon Voyage

Graduation, Love, Easter

Friendship, Get Well, Party Invitation

Goodbye, Father’s Day